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Patrick ⭐
👋 About me
Hey, my name is Luna, my prefered pronouns are She/Her and They/Them . I was born at 17th of April a few years ago and I currently live in Europe, Austria.. I am a hobby Software Engineer, LGBTQ+ Activist around my country and a tutoring Teacher. I am female and a proud Lesbian for many years and currently have a crush haha

What I love doing in my free time is Coding around with Websites (such as this one) and Discord Bots , going swimming at nearby lakes and just generally cycling around my village and breathing fresh air.

I currently mainly work at my heart project Waya - a Discord multi-function Bot
with the main weight on displazing user's Pronouns and Server Utilities.
You can learn more about it at

🪄 Technologies
•  TypeScript ❤️, JavaScript, Node.JS
•  Next.JS, Express, MongoDB
•  Windows, Linux

🍧 Contact
You want to collaborate with me or just want to have a nice talk with me?
Feel free to join my and get involved into the conversations!

You can also write me a Direct Message on discord to or send me an email to [email protected]
WayaBOTFounder, Engineer
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